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CCE produces cast parts, welded constructions and forgings for various industries. This involves the processing of different types of material quality, ranging from low-alloy to high-alloy steels as well as wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials. The production is either carried out exactly according to a customer’s drawing and specification or, after consultation and agreement, according to the optimized CCE design.

In cooperation with our qualified and international partners, CCE is able to produce and deliver castings with a unit weight of up to 200 tons, forgings with a unit weight of up to 180 tons and welded constructions with a unit weight of up to 60 tons.

One focus of our product portfolio is the CCE slag pot! CCE specializes in the optimization of slag pot durability. By taking into consideration existing or still to be procured equipment, e.g. mobile transport vehicles, transfer carriages, cranes or other equipment, CCE designs the "optimal slag pot"!

You will find an overview of our product portfolio in the following.